A robust and dynamic startup company which focused on technology ranges in various industries. A combination of experienced and young entrepreneurs and business professionals, the company complement the industries with its creativity and bold concept.


Airevicenna offers a broad suite of integrated solutions. Our software helps you innovatively grow your business, capture new revenue sources, cut costs and streamline operations.

We consistently find ways to engage user experience through designs and problem solving tools. We specialise in web designs, system development, applications developments (iOS & Android). Our creative designers covers the whole lot of spectrum including social media designs, websites, company profile, product labelling and consultations. Our customers consists of SME, GLCs and multinational companies including in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.


Airevicenna Sdn Bhd is dedicated in delivering innovation and technology to the industries that we are involved. Our goal is to build a bridge between our clients and us through innovation business solutions. We believe that effective communication between our clients and us is the key to the future of the service industry.

To implement this vision, Airevicenna will expand its research and development network that extends throughout the region.